Chandra's Kidzilla

Premier Day Care in Mylapore

Welcome to Chandra's Kidzilla, Mylapore's top choice for exceptional childcare! Our nurturing environment is designed to foster creativity, learning, and fun for children of all ages. With a team of experienced caregivers, we offer personalized attention, ensuring each child feels safe, happy, and engaged.

Who We Are

Indoor Play Space

An immense indoor space for kids of age 10 and under where they can crawl, bounce, slide, tumble, jump and have crazy fun in a clean and safe environment. Chandra's Kidzilla activities include a soft play zone, toddler area, trampoline zone, wall climbing and etc.

Chandra's Kidzilla overall concept is to provide the kids with a high quality environment placing parental comfort alongside child safety and security. Our goal is to offer families a clean, safe and comfortable space to play, socialize and relax.

  • 1 Homelike Environment
  • 2 Largest playspaces in Chennai
  • 3 Safety and Security
  • 4 Safety comes first

Remember: socks are always required for both kids and adults in the play area.


Chandra's Kidzilla Games

Soft Play Area

Soft play involves creating an environment that has soft surfaces and allows even the youngest kids to play safely. It’s used in many places, including indoor Inflataparks that provide obstacle courses, slides, games and more all in one area.

Trampoline Zone

At Chandra's Kidzilla Trampoline Park, feel like a Superman by jumping off the walls, flying through the air and having fun with family. The place is suitable for all age groups above 3 Years and has designated kids and adults play area.

Ball Pit

What do you do when you want a safe and secure space for your kids to play? Keep them at home? Well, that’s one option, if you don’t mind all the boisterous activity.

Arcade Games

Play activities for fun and development in a safe, bright and friendly environment for children and adults alike. All these are located in a colourful, decorated area with easy listening music playing continuously. Adults can, and should, play and have fun.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Chandra's Kidzilla is a gaming paradise for adults and kids alike. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a gamer or just someone who wants to escape reality, you might want to check out Chandra's Kidzilla. Adults can, and should, play and have fun.

Chandra's Kidzilla

Best Indoor Playground in Chennai


Clean, Safe & Environment

Tumble Time Play Area is an indoor kids playground which features
unique and exciting play for children in an indoor, clean,
safe and supervised environment.


Child Friendly Space

Colours and lights are designed keeping your child in mind for them to feel
comfortable and more with ease.


Creative Equipment

Providing them with great ambiance, a lot of places to jump, play and letting them explore their creative side.